Kuvaa niitä haasteita ja mahdollisuuksia sekä ratkaisuja, joita teollisuuden eri toimialan kohtaavat.


Unique granite from the bedrock of Finland

Combining the long history of TG and the knowledge of international business makes the rock excavation roll in South-Eastern Finland.

TG Granit Oy runs two granite quarries in Virolahti and Luumäki municipalities. The color assortment consists of Karelia Red and Baltic Brown, both unique and well described as Everlasting Beauty.

The brand of TG is well-known especially in China, being the main market for the Finnish granite exporters for the past 15 years. ”During the current year, we have expanded our trade to cover also other big economies. Making it even more global makes it even more interesting.” states Petra Alho, the Customer Service Manager of TG Granit Oy.

TG’s granite has unique flower pattern that only occurs in the Finnish bedrock. Karelia Red is very popular in Asian countries, especially in China. Baltic Brown rocks worldwide – the classy brown is suitable for elegant interiors, used mainly in floors and kitchen worktops.

Added value for the customers

Finnish granite has steady global market and behind this fact is the good availability and the high quality of the products.

Unto Ahtola, The Managing Director of TG Granit Oy has it clear: ”The rock excavation methods, developed in Finland over the years, allow the Finns to produce granite in constant flow, all year round. It’s essential to customers with big projects. It has been important for me to position the company to the global markets to be a forerunner, in every way. Being a long-term partner and a flexible operator to meet the market’s changing needs at the same time.”

TG Granit is the only Finnish granite exporter with ISO14001 and 9001 certificates. ”High quality production-suppy chain makes real added value to our customers. Key Account Management is also one of the main drivers in TG. Trust is something you earn.” finalizes Mr Ahtola.