Osio auttaa yrityksiä vastaamaan entistä paremmin asiakkaiden toiveisiin ja tarpeisiin sekä saavuttamaan tällä kilpailuetua.


High class techno-medical garments

Just in the outskirts of Tampere’s city center lies the 20 year old Lymed Oy, hidden within the 19th century industrial brick walls of Klingendahl building. Lymed, a manufacturer of high class techno-medical garments, is one of the last few Finnish businesses in textile industry who resiliently produces its handmade products in its own factory.

The beginning of Lymed is a story among million others. Life took an unexpected turn for the founder Mrs Teija Toikka and soon enough she found herself knee-deep in the world of pressure treatments, long overdue product deliveries and muted hope. In the midst of everything, she took matters into her own hands and sew the first ever LYMED garment on her living room floor.

After two decades of constant need for knowledge and the urge to develop, Lymed has progressed to all applications of pressure treatment – edema, post-operation, sensory integration disorders, animals and sports.

Nowadays LYMED garments are used to treat several indications. Garments can be used in the traditional sense (scar management and edema), post-operational treatment as well as being used as supporting garments for e.g. CP and autism. The individual needs are always taken in to consideration when the garment is designed.

The newest in the product range, with a Red Dot Product Design 2014 award, is LYMED Sport. Individually manufactured, sport specific garments improve posture and position, body awareness and muscle tone. Lymed garments designed for sports can also prevent injuries and correct the problems caused by earlier injuries. These LYMED Sport garments have the same principles than Lymed’s Sense techno-medical garments.
The innovation of the Sense product line is that it can be used to profoundly affect the wellbeing of a person so much so that there is a chance to decrease medication and symptoms in cases of sensory integration disorders. Chronic pain disorders (CRPS) can be treated with Sense products and help functioning in everyday life. Unique custom-made products and special solutions are possible since each and every member of our group partakes in the designing and planning of a garment.

The known benefits of pressure treatment has provoked many manufacturers to enter the market for standard sized compression products even for sports and animals. The scientific material so far has stated that pressure garments should always be custom-made. Lymed’s own studies, development programs and new indications for use have started many conversations within the industry and international forums on a wide, global scale.

Lymed is known all over the world for their knowhow. The patient-driven ideology is shared by many – Lymed has appointed a dozen distributors all over Europe, Asia and Middle-East. The high quality in lieu with customized products is a combination that is hard to beat. World-wide recognition does not come without some credits – Lymed has won the Quality Innovation of the Year Award, Entrepreneurial Technology Award, BLS ILF Joint Award for Industry Innovation, Sports Product of the Year and recognitions for its cooperation with the Paralympic Committee of Finland and the Finnish Key Flag Symbol. To top this off, LYMED Sport won the coveted Red Dot Product Design Award this year.

So what’s in store for the next millennium? The same thing Lymed does every day – tries to take over the world.